Weird Crimes

16-Year-Old Kills Four People In Crash, Gets Off With Probation Because He’s Rich

Weird Crimes

Ethan Couch. Let’s first explain who Mr. Couch is. He’s a 16-year-old kid from Texas who happens to have extremely wealthy parents. He’s also known for getting into trouble, and then quickly getting out of trouble.

Cops once found Couch passed out in a car with a naked 14-year-old girl and he never received punishment for his actions. About a year later, Couch went out with his friends and stole beer from a Walmart.

After drinking heavily, Couch got behind the wheel of his truck with his friends to go pick up more alcohol. However, during the drunken drive, he hit and killed four innocent people and seriously injured two of his friends who were thrown from the truck.

Mr. Couch was sentenced yesterday and guess what? He wasn’t punished for his actions. State District Judge Jean Boyd sentenced Couch to 10 years of probation. Prosecutors were hoping for 20 years in prison, but Couch’s defense team seemed to win over the judge.

His defense team argued that he suffered from “affluenza” which KHOU describes as, “[A condition in which] his family felt that wealth bought privilege and there was no rational link between behavior and consequences.”

They also revealed that Couch had been allowed to drive since he was 13-years-old. “He said the teen was emotionally flat and needed years of therapy.” KHOU reported.

So, the judge let him off the hook and Couch will now be sent to a private counseling center that his father is paying for. It will cost him $450,000.

It just goes to show that our legal system is still completely f—ked up. This 16-year-old kills four people and gets probation? All because he’s rich and white. If a black kid did this, would he have received probation? If a black kid was found passed out behind the wheel with a 14-year-old girl, would he not be punished?

The problem with Couch’s excuse is that you could use the same excuse for a lot of poor kids who come from broken homes. They can run around and do whatever they want. Their parents are never home to punish them or teach them how to behave.

What’s the difference between that and Couch’s excuse? Nothing, except for money.

Source: KHOU


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