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440-Pound Virgin Tries To Have Sex With Girlfriend, Sends Her To The Emergency Room Instead

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Apparently, TLC is coming out with a new series called, “Sex Sent Me to the ER” and 21-year-old Gregg Casarona and his girlfriend will be featured on the first episode.

Casarona, who was 440 pounds at the time of the incident, was about to stick his penis into a vagina for the first time. His girlfriend, who only weighed 110 pounds, seduced the virgin by stripping down to her bra and panties.

“I knew he was a virgin and I honestly didn’t care. We were dating for a little while and he hadn’t put any moves on met yet so I made a move.” 22-year-old Jen Gerakaris told the New York Post.

So, when Casarona noticed that his girlfriend was just waiting in bed for him, he knew he was about to get lucky. After a little bit of kissing and touching, it was time for Casarona to make his grand entrance.

He slipped his penis in and headed for her sweet sugar walls, but something terrible happened when he started to thrust into her.

His 440 pound body put so much force behind the thrust that his poor girlfriend flew backwards, which caused her head to go straight through the wall.

“My initial reaction was, ‘I killed her’. This is my first time. And Jen is dead.” Casarona told the Post.

After realizing what happened, and seeing the fear in her boyfriend’s eyes, Gerakaris decided to lighten the mood by asking, “Why’d you stop?”

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. She started to complain about dizziness, so they took her to the emergency room. Doctors informed her that she did receive a concussion during the crash.

You can view a terrible reenactment of the sexual adventure December 28 on TLC.

By the way, ‘TLC’ stands for The Learning Channel…

Source: New York Post




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